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An early taste of reality; Following 933’s very own KC Estrada

You most likely have seen her around 933 Creatives with Toffee, one of the co-working space’s cute furry friend. Like Toffee, KC’s all-smiles face is a stress reliever to a lot of 933 Space Invaders. She greets everyone with earnest and accommodates as much as she can. She knows what the Space Invaders need because like most of them, KC is a student, too.

KC describes herself as outgoing and eager to learn new things and it shows. She juggles work, school and extra-curricular activities. She’s currently on her fourth year at the University of the East – Manila, taking up BS Accounting Technology. On top of that, she also plays key leadership roles in her four organizations in the university. Despite her full plate, she always gives it her all. KC’s fuel? Her family.

Becoming a working student wasn’t part of the plan. “Last November 2018, we lost a breadwinner of the family,” she shared. “I had to think of a way to lessen my family’s financial burden. Right then, I started looking for part-time jobs.”

“To be honest, I was at the ICU when Sir Ace called for a phone interview,” she reminisced. “Nag-doubt ako nung una [if I’ll work], kasi I’ll have to underload and that means a delayed graduation for me. But I really had to work para may pang-gastos ako for school.”

“Minsan, I feel glum when I’m at work kasi I’m still grieving from my father’s death, but I always still smile for our clients,” Cheerful, all-smiles KC talked about the hardest part of being a working student. “I had to sacrifice my supposed graduation kasi hindi ko kakayanin mag-work and still keep a full load ng units.”

“I tasted reality a bit earlier than I expected,” she continued. “But the best part of being a working student is that you become more independent and you learn things beyond the four corners of the classroom.”

“I’m grateful for the 933 Management for giving me the chance to work with them and for letting me experience things I haven’t experienced before. Working with 933 really helped me mold myself as I come closer to the ‘real world’.”

Like most the 933 Space Invaders, KC is also a dog lover. “I like working at 933 because the environment is great and I get to bring Toffee with me,” She also noted how her co-workers are friendly and so easy to get along with. “I have to juggle a lot of responsibilities but it’s not a problem, because I want what I am doing.”

“933 motivates me to strive for my betterment. Working with them showed me how hard work really does pay off,” She smiled. “I hope 933 can help more students like me! I know there are other students who have the capacity to balance work and academics.”

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