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Creating Effective New Year Resolutions: Where did we go wrong?

You know the drill: new year, new me!

2019 has landed, and it is, once again, the season to write down last year’s resolution and swear that this time will be different! This time, we’ll follow through! Except that often, we don’t. How long did your 2018 resolution last? If you were able to really commit to your 2018 goals, good for you! But for the most of us, these things only last until February and ends up getting forgotten by March! What can we do?

Instead of pouring our hearts out to creating new new year resolutions, why don’t we reflect on our failed ones? What didn’t work? Where did we go wrong?

Were we unrealistic? They say that you should aim for the moon, so when you fall short, you’ll land on the stars. Inspiring, I guess, for some of us. But mostly, setting unrealistic resolutions becomes a source of frustration that will eventually kill the goal. It pays to be ambitious, but we should also be grounded when setting our goals for the year.

Were we lazy? Let’s be real. Sometimes, there’s just no excuse. We just got lazy and fell back to the familiar, old routine. Nothing inherently wrong with routine but when we start to actively avoid getting out of our comfort zones for the sake of routine, we need to rethink and rewire.

Did we really want it that bad? Maybe we did. In theory. Most of us want the end goal, but not the work that comes with it. When it comes down to it, we must really decide to want it—whatever the goal is—because that’s what will keep us going.

Ultimately, we must dive into the work that comes with the goals we set! So, gain that weight! Lose that weight! Pass the boards with flying colors!

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