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Creative Minds Define the ‘Perfect Space’

Finding the One has never been easy.

Coworking Space in Sampaloc

Notifications, cat videos, memes, stories, and photos— the constant stream of content brought by the dawn of technology has resulted to short attention spans and shorter concentration for tasks at hand.

Focus, or rather the environment that stimulates it, now seems to be a precious commodity that calls for the abundance of self-help books, quiet spaces, and even breathing exercises on YouTube. These are just some of the methods we use to help achieve one hundred percent concentration and increase our productivity. Unlike the earlier days where great artists such as Da Vinci and Van Gogh didn’t have the internet as a perpetual tease, we have entered an era of countless distractions.

In a world full of clutter literally and figuratively, how do creative millennials reach their alpha zones before the deadline beats them? And what exactly do they look for in order to determine a certain space as ideal? To get a more in-depth perspective on creative spaces, we head straight to the source as young artists describe their ideal workplace and its role in helping them develop the best of ideas and perfect their craft.

BALARAM OCHANGCO - Filmmaker and Video editor

A fellow of the Cinemalaya Institute in 2016, filmmaker and editor Balaram has three requirements for a workplace – silence, space and leisure. A single laptop is not enough for a professional editor like him. His tools and equipment comprised of huge dual monitors, a multi-device keyboard, mouse, and headset, require a hefty amount of space. Balaram also values rest despite his tight schedule. He prefers to work in a place where he could take naps and unwind with games when in need of a break.

RUSSELL PUA - Videographer, Photographer and Editor

Aside from the usual things expected in a co-working space such as reliable internet and a quiet & conducive environment, freelancer Russell Pua prefers something that’s more than just a place for him to work. He yearns for a sanctuary where he can mingle with like-minded individuals and build a network of creative professionals to critique his work as a way for him to improve his craft and create opportunities such as collaborations for future projects.

VINCE CATACUTAN - Communication Student from FEU, Videographer, Photographer, Editor and Musician

Vince is used to the noise and daily grind of the creative industry, yet he’s still attracted to quiet and peaceful places to work on his editing projects and song compositions. Unlike his colleagues, he prefers to be alone by secluding himself and disconnecting from the internet to get the creativity flowing.

CYRUS VALDEZ - Film Director, Musician and Sound Editor

Cyrus, director of winning Cinemalaya short film Forever Natin, prefers a homey working atmosphere where he could tinker his thoughts and let the creative juices flow freely. He craves for a space where there’s no pressure to be too formal or anything similar that can hinder him from being his usual laid-back self. Contrary to others, he enjoys the company of strangers and their mundane noises. It is a chance for him to open himself up, observe from afar, and invent stories in his mind every time he hits a dead end on a piece.

EVEZ EVANGELISTA - Photographer, Graphic Designer and UST Med Student

Going outside his home to work is like hitting two birds with one stone for coffee shop veteran Evez– it allows him to study for med school and at the same time work on his photography. Focusing amidst a great deal of noise is a piece of cake. He considers every workplace a good one as long as there are available sockets for his laptop and tablets, and a nice, comfy chair to sit on. Food and drinks, in his perspective, are just add-ons to make the whole workplace experience a bit better.

ANGEL AGUTUYA - Photographer and UST Engineering Student

Angel, an officer of the official photography organization of UST, Fotomasino, thinks that her ideal workplace is where her shoot takes her. She takes inspiration from the diverse people she encounter during events, portrait shoots or simple photowalks. Just like Evez, she’s not very particular when it comes to the place she’s settling down in to edit her photos. She’s a simple millennial who needs to find that perfect playlist coupled with a good old iced coffee to get her gears grinding.

JONAS GARCIA - Theater Artist and UST Literature Major

As an Artistic Director of Artistang Artlets, the official theater guild of the Faculty of Arts and Letters of UST, Jonas thinks that the workplace of an artist can never be perfect; having the right conditions is enough. For him, producing art means having a space where he could showcase and express his sentiments freely without any judgment to a community who has the same goal or perspective when creating art.

Artists do have different preferences when working, with some of them contradicting the other. However, having all these available in a single space is definitely possible as 933 Co-Working MNL establishes its second branch of co-working space in Sampaloc, Manila, called 933 Creatives. It primarily functions as both a home and a sanctuary built for every artist’s needs. To know more about the space and its facilities, click the link here.

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