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Getting hyped for summer classes

There are a lot of reasons why we choose summer courses over sand. It may be to repeat a course we failed (no shame in it!), or to take a course in advance. In a nutshell, it revolves around one thing: GRADUATION. And I think that’s what we should keep in our heads to stay motivated in this heat!

Here are five tips to make our lives easier this summer:

1. EYES ON THE PRIZE. Let’s accept the FOMO! It won’t be easy to see your friends frolicking in islands and splashing on beaches, but this is the life we chose—for now! Just keep your why in mind!

2. DON’T START FROM ZERO. Especially if it’s a course you retook! Summer classes are shorter, so that requires more work from our end. If it’s a course you’ve taken before, use your notes and readings to study in advance. For new courses, do some advance readings!

3. DON’T SLACK OFF. It might be tempting to maximize your absences due to several reasons—like the unbearable summer heat or a quick getaway with friends—but keep in mind that since summer classes are shorter than the usual semester, you may risk missing out on a lot.

4. HYDRATE. Seems basic but staying healthy is often overlooked! Always bring a bottle of water with you! Don’t worry, this won’t be for long! Semesters will soon start on August, so summer classes will soon be every June! They likely won’t be called “summer classes” by then.

5. FINISH WITH FLYING COLORS. Don’t let your sacrifices result to nothing! Make sure to ace the classes you take this summer! It’ll be more frustrating to retake them again.

Remember, let’s keep the end in mind! Let’s study up!

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