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How do pets make you more productive?

Several studies have proven that bringing pets to work alleviate stress levels and increase productivity. Simply owning a pet relieves stress, promotes a positive mood, and even increases physical health (Wyher, 2017). This is why pet-friendly offices and spaces are becoming more and more common.

How do our pets make us more productive?

1. Reduce stress. As mentioned earlier, studies have proven that pets indeed reduce stress. Pets allow us to be at ease just by looking at them! Bringing them to an environment that we deem stressful makes the environment fun.

2. Increase productivity. Pets redirect your energy from stress to productivity. It’s healthy to take short breaks from work, but it’s healthier to take these breaks with your pet. They’re instant mood boosters! You’ll return to work feeling refreshed.

3. Encourages collaboration. When working with a team, having a pet along certainly has its perks! A study has found that a presence of a dog in a group work made the team more cooperative, friendly, and communicative with each other compared to groups without a companion dog. This paves the way for delivering more creative work from a team.

The only downside of having pets, especially dogs, roam around your workspace is the fur on the carpets (if you have one), but other than that, they’re proven to boost our productivity in ways that will make us get more things done. A strong proof of this are well-known companies like Google, Mashable, Amazon, Refinery29 and Etsy that have allowed employees to bring their dogs to work, and 178 results in LinkedIn about “dog friendly” jobs (well, in New York).

So the next time you have a deadline to meet, and a lot of tasks lined up, try working in spaces where pets, especially dogs, are present!


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