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The Walk Ahead: 5 Tips on Keeping Safe When Studying Off-Campus

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

For the night is dark and full of terrors.

Coworking Space in Manila

No tech on the road

Avoid having devices out when walking to and from your co-working space. This may be a tease to certain people you’d rather not run into. Keep your phones secure in bags or pockets and refrain from having earphones on while walking to better be aware of your surroundings – better safe than sorry!

Stash some emergency cash

It never hurts to have back up plans on top of back up plans. In the event of a missing wallet or coin purse (let’s not hope this happens!), having some spare bills inside a notebook, pencil case, or bag pocket can prove to be a lifesaver and may just be your ticket home. Those scattered coins inside your bag can also be a big help in ‘financially challenged’ nights.

Emergency numbers

Take note of your area’s emergency numbers in case of any incidents. Better yet, save these on your phones and have them on speed dial! You’ll never know when these will come in handy. For the PNP Hotline Patrol and Bureau of Fire Protection, dial 117. Those living within the area of Sampaloc, Manila can also contact the MPD Sampaloc Police Station at (02) 781 – 3049.

Whistles and pepper sprays

Have a whistle or pepper spray with you at all times in case the need for some self-defense arises. Encountering a common thief with at least one of these increases your chances of getting out unscathed and will surely help catch the attention of other pedestrians. Remember, these guys hate to be the center of all that fuss!

The buddy system

Walking outside with a friend is always an effective way to ward off the evildoers. Aside from safety, they also make great company and will keep you far from bored. It’s twice the vigilance, two times the brawn, and two sets of feet to set off when a call for help is needed.

All these tips plus a helping hand from 933 Co-Working MNL will surely keep you safe and sound when cramming for your finals, thesis, and papers. Always be on high alert and remember these points to keep your routes safer!

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