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Pass the Boards: Tips from Board Passers.

Taking licensure examinations may be one of the most nerve-wracking experience you’ll ever have. From preparing for the exam to waiting for the results, you’re sure to feel a lot of anxiety. Fortunately, some 933 regulars (they prefer to be called #933babies) shared tips on how you can navigate your way to that license!

Kirk Chu, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Board Exam Passer, shared:

In life, as in accounting, balance is a basic yet very important concept—a concept which helped me become a CPA. [It’s important to] focus! Keep fighting and keep the faith. Prayer and work, and rest without guilt.

Martin Rillas, Physician Licensure Exam Passer, has three (3) simple tips:

Here’s how you can achieve your goals—

• PRAY before and after studying, ask for guidance and divine intervention that you'd be able to absorb, understand and apply what you've been studying.

• FOCUS on your goals for the day. Try to avoid distractions and Make a timeline or a list of topics to accomplish for the day.

• REST if you're tired. If you're sort of having a rough day, remember why you even started in the first place. Think of your family, friends, girlfriend/boyfriend who is rooting for you to achieve your goals.

A fellow Physician Licensure Exam Passer, Jasper Irvin Carpio, added:

Getting that MD license was never a breeze through the park. You must have a strong heart, perseverance and willing to make necessary sacrifices. In obtaining that license, one must also be disciplined, have a schedule of subjects to master, and of course, a strong faith that the Lord above is with you in this battle. Prayer works. Above all, you need an environment that will cater and house you until you reach the finish line.

Passing a board exam requires hard work, consistent motivation, and—common to all of them—a conducive environment for studying. We hope these tips guide you in your journey towards your license!

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