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933 Creatives: The Creative Soul of Manila

Updated: Jul 21, 2018

933 Creatives - The creative soul of Manila!

Creative minds are the birthplace of artistic gems in various forms, and with the constraints of available spaces to keep the creative juices flowing, 933 CO-WORKING MNL lets artists unleash their brainchild with 933 Creatives, a co-working space tailor made for artists of different crafts.

Located in Sampaloc, Manila, 933 Creatives is a two-floor co-working space with an expanse of 200 square meters that can accommodate more than 135 seats. It boasts of having speedy fibre optics connection that can cater to at least 300 Wi-Fi connections. The space will serve as a safe haven and artistic hub for both students and professionals looking to do work in new and fresh environments at less than the price of a decent cup of coffee.

933 Creatives. The creative way to study.

First of its kind in the area, the full-time co-working space consists of facilities especially made for art students and professionals alike such as drafting areas, private rooms convertible to boardrooms, spacious individual desks, and film rooms— perfect for architecture, fine arts, photography, advertising, and other arts-related courses that require specific tools to complete their works. This is also ideal for student groups and start-up companies requiring large spaces for activities, functions, and events.

With all the grind, however, should also come breathers to give the creative mind time to rest and recuperate. 933 Creatives addresses this by providing specific areas solely designed for de-stressing such as napping spaces for a power snooze, a pantry for workers to whip up some snacks, and a game room for a short and sweet break. To top it off, a board game area is also set up at the patio for those unwinding in groups or wish to mingle with fellow creatives.

933 Creatives - 933 Co-working MNL's second branch. OPENING SOON!

In addition to the hub’s artistic facilities, 933 Creatives also offers accessible sockets for laptops and other devices, fully-air conditioned rooms, and unlimited drinks with a selection of coffee and iced tea.

Let imagination limit your art with 933 Creatives!

Main StudyHub: 933 G.M Tolentino St. Sampaloc | Tel #: 09452176021 | Info@933mnl.com 

Creatives StudyHub: 1042 G.M Tolentino St. Sampaloc Tel #: 09953383313 | Creatives@933mnl.com

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