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Tired, Stressed, and Overwhelmed: Rest your way to productivity

Here’s what you already know but still won’t do: take a break.

When you’re starting to feel the onset of burnout and the road ahead is still long, do yourself a favor and take a rest. Don’t feel like its time lost, it isn’t—squeezing yourself beyond your limits is time lost. You spend more time on a task when you’re tired than when you’re rejuvenated and focused.

There’s no losing when it comes to giving yourself a much-needed breather! Here’s how you can maximize your time off grinding:

  1. Change your environment. Detach yourself from your task and get a change of scenery. Go outside, play with your pet, or it could be as simple as standing up and going to the other room—anything to take your mind off your pressing to-do’s and breathe.

  2. Get moving. You don’t have to do a full exercise! You can just go for a relaxing walk or quick stretches. After sitting stiff for so long, your body will welcome kinetics!

  3. Laugh at memes. This one’s a slippery slope. We almost always spend an hour on our phones when we only meant to scroll for a minute or two. Try setting a timer when you scroll through cute videos of cats.

  4. Engage in quick mobile games. The keyword here is quick. There are a lot of mobile games that aim to either relax your brain or trigger creativity. Just like laughing at memes, try to not get to engrossed. We don’t want to end up procrastinating!

  5. Power nap! The most powerful of them all! Power naps last for 20 minutes, not three hours. Don’t forget! You either wake up ready to take on your tasks or wake up too late! We always aim for the latter.

When you’re ready—and you’ll know because you’ll feel energized—get back to your grind!

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